plank is to be free from the constraints of society and do something peculiar –                   something no one really understands, but certain people like to do.


      be with you is something different and new.


      plank for you sets my heart on fire and my ears buzz.


      plank on the chocolate biscuits of your love is so sweet, as we contort and                           crumble all over the floor.


Poems for the Home Explained…

Poems for the Home is a collection of my rather more “interesting” poems. I am constantly inspired by the absurd and funny. After sitting on my lounge chair thinking about a concept I coined while watching shows, which I call “horizontal lounge-chair enthusiasm“, I started writing about kitchen utensils and saucepans.

Now that the concept has grown, and I’ve written about all manner of things on Instagram, I will share a few on my blog. However, I wish to rework some of the existing poems and add a few new ones to the collection.

I hope you enjoy the collection.