You deserve more

beauty moves within you,
for you possess a soul different to most.

broken by things once horrible,
you took your experiences and ascended.

boldly moving ahead of your time,
most people don’t get your quartz heart.

brittle feelings once many,
now emotions of all kinds flourish within.

brightly moving along the way,
you deserve more love
blue kindness,
for quartz is a beautiful gem
comes in many rare colours.

Broken Pieces

broken and chipped cups
and sauces sit still in a
crate next to your kitchen

as a true bohemian and
lover of broken things, you
embrace Kintsugi.

to you, gold and silver joinery,
no matter the cost, is more
beautiful than any
complete piece.

those broken pieces are
your broken pieces, as you
mend the sorrows of your life.
crying over a piece, you forget
yourself and reach for the kettle.

the Wildflower Tea of your
sorrow flows into your cup, yet
the hot water and steam turns
sorrow into sweetness, as you
sip from a cup of sparrows.

from where we came

The burning embers of our love blow through the wind to burn our skin.

From where we came only dragons know, yet it was a place of passionate fire.

We had it all until you tore a hole through my heart and I smashed our love to shards.

Now, we stand in the silent darkness waiting for the earthquake to crush what is left of our love and return it all to the dirt.

My chest aches and yours is broken;
still, I wish we hadn’t fucked it all into pieces.

Australien Sun

Sometimes, when she sits on the step, she thinks about places. Places connect us to memories, as does music and scent.

She thinks of the cool water of Nelson Bay and the pretty lighthouse on the hill. This connects her to her sister.

She thinks of the grey days with coffee on every corner, a European feel, and a charm only Melbourne emits. This connects her to her home.

She thinks of young days with a hammer for macadamia nuts and corkscrews for coconut eyes in Mareeba. This connects her to her origins.

All of these memories play behind her eyes, as she looks to the red dirt full of cracks under the Australien sun.

The photo is of the place we hammered macadamia nuts as kids.