Unspoken Words

breathe moving through the room, as you listen to 3 am darkness.

fingers moving those holy places only two people know so well.

body touching body over the course of a thousand feverish nights.

feet and hands becoming alive as they curl, twirl, and shudder.

beating hearts telling all of those secrets hidden from plain sight.

feeling conflicting emotions as we lay unspoken words to rest.

Blossom and Bone

under the soil.

you lay under the soil surrounded by the sounds of insects moving and water soaking into the soil.

under the soil, there is a wooden box.

you lay in the wooden box with roses that once blossomed and bloomed, yet now lay in petrified pieces upon your chest.

under the soil alone

you remain perfect in your chest of what once bloomed so beautiful and bright.

under the soil your blossom and bone.

you remain silent and still as the stars and the moon sing their song to you.