Dust Collectors

She read widely about minimalism and how joy-filled a home with little.

She loved blue and white porcelain so, but it sat in her house behind glass.

Something changed as she listened to doom metal – an understanding.

Something had to be done with the porcelain that irked her so.

She lined the porcelain teapots, cups, and saucers in front of the speakers.

She took a breath, blasted the porcelain with doom metal and watched them dance.

Beloved porcelain is no more, but oh, how entertaining it was.


Poems for the Home Explained…

Poems for the Home is a collection of my rather more “interesting” poems. I am constantly inspired by the absurd and funny. After sitting on my lounge chair thinking about a concept I coined while watching shows, which I call “horizontal lounge-chair enthusiasm“, I started writing about kitchen utensils and saucepans.

Now that the concept has grown, and I’ve written about all manner of things on Instagram, I will share a few on my blog. However, I wish to rework some of the existing poems and add a few new ones to the collection.

I hope you enjoy the collection.

Where it all started

I’ve had an interest in writing since I was about 11.  I lived in North Queensland at the time, Mum wasn’t very bookish, yet off I went writing a murder mystery using my exercise book.  It never went further than that at the time.

Then, when I was at high school, I gave Xmas cards to friends and put poems into them. I didn’t do it again because I felt really embarrassed about doing it.  I felt awkward and weird.

Fast forward to 2015.  I decided to give Nanowrimo a crack.  I was successful in getting 50 000 words, but I still wasn’t satisfied.  I was still experimenting with different styles of writing (which continues to this day).

Then, on a Saturday in late May 2017, I started to write a poem.  It just came to me, so I wrote:-


fall from the sky

around us.

With arms up high the petals fall upon us.

Colours swirl in the world before us.

Nothing but love, for us.

I published the poem on Instagram and was really surprised by the response.  People actually wanted to read what I write.  So I continued for a couple of weeks, only to discover that using my real name might cause a few problems in my career.  Also, I find a certain creative freedom in writing under a pseudonym.  Faced with that knowledge, I created Clarissa Wood Writes.  Now, just over one year on, the poetry is flowing and evolving.

I hope you enjoy my writing.