Where it all started

I’ve had an interest in writing since I was about 11.  I lived in North Queensland at the time, Mum wasn’t very bookish, yet off I went writing a murder mystery using my exercise book.  It never went further than that at the time.

Then, when I was at high school, I gave Xmas cards to friends and put poems into them. I didn’t do it again because I felt really embarrassed about doing it.  I felt awkward and weird.

Fast forward to 2015.  I decided to give Nanowrimo a crack.  I was successful in getting 50 000 words, but I still wasn’t satisfied.  I was still experimenting with different styles of writing (which continues to this day).

Then, on a Saturday in late May 2017, I started to write a poem.  It just came to me, so I wrote:-


fall from the sky

around us.

With arms up high the petals fall upon us.

Colours swirl in the world before us.

Nothing but love, for us.

I published the poem on Instagram and was really surprised by the response.  People actually wanted to read what I write.  So I continued for a couple of weeks, only to discover that using my real name might cause a few problems in my career.  Also, I find a certain creative freedom in writing under a pseudonym.  Faced with that knowledge, I created Clarissa Wood Writes.  Now, just over one year on, the poetry is flowing and evolving.

I hope you enjoy my writing.






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I spin words from a different space • music, the sea, and nature makes my words spin • ex-lawyer • I love turning ideas on their head •

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